>> Writing sample of a letter presented by the executive staff for the retirement of an Assistant U.S. Attorney.


Dear Ms. Imurgut:

On behalf of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), I would like to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments by Assistant United States Attorney ____.

In the last ten years, Mr. _____ has prosecuted approximately sixty (60) defendants for violations of the Federal Firearms Laws, resulting in a combined total of 10,506 months (over 875 years) incarceration, with an average sentence of 175 months per defendant, and the longest sentence rendered at 475 months.

It has been motivating for our agents to investigate violent offenders, knowing that the case would receive due attention from such a dedicated public servant.  Mr. _____ clearly has represented the United States Attorney’s Office in an exemplary manner, and I would like to present him with this keepsake award as a token of my respect and appreciation for his contribution to the reduction of violent crime in Oregon.


Special Agent in Charge